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Values Journey is an innovative, unique, interactive and fun process with participants’ having increased awareness, powerful insights and responsibility for creating their desired change. This change can be on any one or more of a personal, team or organisational level.

We have a range of dynamic engaging offerings, (you can call them programs, seminars, workshops, presentations, processes, coaching or sessions) or as we like to call them experiences. These are conducted both “live – in the room” to a group of size ranging from less than a dozen or so through to over 1000 participants. We have also developed an “online - virtual” experience which gives you the choice of the time, place and pace, either on your own or with others participating with you.

You can either....

ENGAGE - or more accurately observe “fly on the wall” style the energy and participation through brief highlights videos of groups engaged in different phases of Values Journey

EXPLORE - read about and discover the why, who, what, where, when and how of Values Journey spanning our own purpose, values and unique approach, the benefits we deliver, our clients, our range of offerings both VJ “Live” and VJ “Online” resources and much more! or

EXPERIENCE - jump in to the driver’s seat, fasten your seatbelt and test drive an experience of a “taste" of our “online virtual” Values Journey (for which you will need to already have, or request from us, your own personalized username and password)

Whether it is the journey through this website, your own journey through the challenges you face at this moment or future events to unfold in your life, I trust you will learn, grow and ... enjoy your journey.

Peter Ernest
Chief Experience Orchestrator
Values Journey

Values Journey


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